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Opportunity in Ecuador, Land of the Sun

You can enjoy it all in Ecuador…scenic beauty, wonderful people, convenience to North America, low cost living and extra income opportunity.

Ecuador offers wonderful natural resources in the mountains and and on the sea and can provides unique opportunities and lifestyles for many reasons. One huge benefit is that it has direct sunlight 365 days a year. Ecuador’s topography ranges from sea level to over 22,000 feet. Going from the coastal plain into the mountains of Ecuador offers the same bio diversity as from the Equator to the Arctic Circle.

See below how to obtain FREE valuable information from the 21 Chapter Ecuador Living handbook that outlines all you need to know about how to visit, live and invest in Ecuador.

Ecuador Living

The Free Ecuador Handbook

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“I would like to say how much I enjoyed the information I received.”
-  AB Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Accountant

Ecuador offers incredible luxury at reasonable prices…heart warming sweetness…breath taking beauty…health benefits…and new horizons at every turn.

Ecuador is affordable for everything…labor, drivers, maids, gardeners and really affordable housing…even ultimate luxury at prices unthinkable in countries north.

Medical care and dentistry are very high quality but so inexpensive that one American family covered by their American Blue Cross policy reported that they could never spend their $250 annual deductible.

Gary and Merri Scott in Ecuador

Ecuador is a truly charming country with wonderful sights, sounds and beautiful, charming, peaceful people. The roots of Ecuador Living were formed by Gary and Merri Scott over 17 years ago. Here are Gary and Merri Scott pictured near their penthouse on Ecuador’s coast.

Gary was best known as one of the first publishers, who clear back in the late 60s, focused on helping North Americans to invest abroad. As part of their continual research to find new, exciting places to invest; the Scotts visited Ecuador in the early 90s…and fell in love with the country.

The Scotts started writing about Ecuador and formed Ecuador Living which is the oldest, most experienced expat service in Ecuador with the most up to date handbook… the “2013 Ecuador Living Handbook”. 

The Ecuador Living website provides readers with over 1,500 pages of data about Ecuador which is updated every single day.

They were captivated by charming hotels where cottages hung on cliffs and looked over the sea like this one on the coast.


They bought a 962-acre hacienda. Here is their front yard of Rosaspamba!

Rosaspamba, Ecuador

“I became an EL subscriber last summer before our trip to Ecuador. Just knowing that you were "all there" if needed, was encouraging for me, a single, older woman, who is getting ready to make a big move. It gave me a sense of comfort, (and of course the information was/is extremely helpful). ELS (now Club) made all the difference...a sort of insurance...worth every penny! I am so appreciative! Many thanks to you, and Merri!”

Cuenca, Ecuador: Charming, Beautiful and Colonial

Cuenca, Ecuador

In this process of discovery, they found incredible real estate opportunity and much more! Tourism, education and import-export offered special ways to make profits and earn while living or traveling in this horizon broadening land.

They explored wonderful cities like Cuenca (downtown Cuenca is pictured here), charming, beautiful and colonial… about a half million people living in one of the most magnificent pieces of man’s infrastructure, while offering a grand Ecuador investment. With the help of UNESCO and the Ecuadorian government, the entire area is being restored. Here in Cuenca is history, architecture and structure that cannot be duplicated even if 100 times the selling price were spent.

“Thanks for the three reports. They are very interesting and should find many readers here in Japan.”
-  MA Tokyo, Japan

Below is a shot of six 1240 sq ft units being constructed and are available for $62,000. This works out to only $50.00 per sq ft. for 3 bedrooms & 2 ½ baths plus a laundry room.

Cuenca apartments

Nice 1,500 square foot homes at this resort shown below with absolutely gorgeous views of the mountains and the Paute River have a $130,000 asking price. Each home features high ceilings, open areas, large bedrooms and baths, outdoor patios and more. The development has a common swimming pool only for the 5 homes; BBQ and picnic area and a community fruit and vegetable garden.

Swimming pool at Cuenca apartments

See these properties and many more listed in the FREE online Ecuador Handbook.

Since Merri and Gary were in the publishing business, they created a report, “Opportunity in Ecuador, Land of the Sun”. Tens of thousands of copies were sold and they brought thousands of investors and those interested in low cost, high quality living to Ecuador.

This was not enough. Opportunity in Ecuador was evolving so fast that the Scotts wanted a service to keep their thousands of readers up to date with new evolving Ecuador opportunities.

So they created and formed “Ateam Ecuador”.

“The whole thing was nothing short of extraordinary but I did want to specifically let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my two nights at El Meson de las Flores (at the end of October). The staff there are so warm and responsive I was able to wind down from a tough conference in Quito and change gears for a tour of the Galapagos the next week and forwards for the next three weeks.”

We would like to offer our annual service but first we want to be sure that Ecuador is a place that might appeal to you. Plus we want you to get to know us better.

To do this, before we offer you we want to give you a FREE  introduction to the online “2013 Ecuador Living Handbook” that gives complete information about this wonderful Andean country.

The Free Ecuador Handbook

Hi. We'd like to email you a FREE copy of The Ecuador Living Handbook. Simply enter your first name and email address and we'll email it to you straight away.

Please send my free copy of The Ecuador Handbook to me...
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“Good morning Gary and Merri! What a great class! And what a wonderful time we had getting to know you guys and the others joining us on this journey. You guys are awesome. We are so very happy this opportunity has come up so that we could get together and...Much love, and see you in February.”

Here is the table of contents of the handbook that contains links to hundreds of pages of valuable information about Ecuador, real estate, business and job opportunity, retirement and travel.  See all of the subjects below.

“2013 Ecuador Living Handbook” by Ecuador

The first Chapter “The Introduction” explains why Ecuador offers such great potential for North Americans. 

Chapter #1: Getting to and around Ecuador Hotels, Travel & Airfares

Chapter #2: Ecuador Real Estate Multi Listing


Villas at Crucita, Ecuador.

Chapter #3: Ecuador Visas

Chapter #4: Ecuador Safety, Politics & Crime

There are parts of Ecuador (like every country) where you do not want to live and some places where you do not want even want to visit at all.   This chapter outlines where living is exclusive and prices are high… plus outlines where it is not safe (such as along parts of the Colombian border).  Plus there is an annual political review and how politics in Ecuador can affect an expats life.

Chapter #5: Ecuador and Money

You do not want to leave much (more than you need on a day to day basis) of your savings in Ecuador.  Doing so can cost you 5% of everything you own immediately not to mention banking risks this chapter reviews.  Learn how to live in one country and bank in a second.  Here’s where to find the rules for how much money, gold, silver and investments you can bring to Ecuador.  See how to bank in a safe country and live through ATMs and international credit cards.

Chapter #6: Ecuador & Social Security

Residence for those over age 65, including expats gain numerous benefits… plus some US and Canadian Social Security benefits can also be gained when you live in Ecuador.  Learn how to gain the maximum benefits in the easiest ways in this handbook chapter.

Chapter #7: Ecuador Health Insurance

Ecuador health care is good and very inexpensive so many expats do not have health insurance. Learn several options… Ecuador health insurance, Colombian regional health insurance and US health insurance that covers living in Ecuador.

Chapter #8: Ecuador Food

You will not find tacos and tamales in Ecuador.  Ecuador food is a mix of European and Andean and unlike food anywhere else in the world.  Get quinoa recipes for tasty meals based around Ecuador super protein food. Learn how to get the freshest food, where to buy what to avoid.   See the Ecuador shamanic dietary program that many readers report losing 30 to 50 pounds as they see their blood pressure drop and their energy and well being rise.

Chapter #9: How to Earn in Ecuador


Ecuador jobs are scarce.  Most expats who want a purpose or extra income create their own micro businesses. Learn the ins/outs and rules for setting up a business in Ecuador.  Find out about Ecuador tax… corporate regulations and the benefits of running an Ecuador business  that keeps its sales outside of Ecuador. Learn how to earn in Ecuador by writing. Learn how to earn with Ecuador exports.

Chapter #10: Learn to Communicate in Spanish in Three Days

Expats can get by in Ecuador without speaking Spanish… but not well.  If you are moving to Ecuador, it’s great to learn the language and now this is easier than ever.  An ancient system partly provided by Ecuador shamans that has been updated with modern technology makes it possible to communicate in Spanish after just three days study. Discover 17 simple lessons that teach you 4005 Spanish words instantly.

Chapter #11: Ecuador Shamans


Ecuador shamanic wisdom is rich in healing and spiritual power.  Gary and Merri Scott, the founders of Ecuador Living, lived for years with  Ecuador shamans.

Learn where the shamans are and how they differ.  Learn Ecuador shamanic exercises for stability, balance, energy and well being.  See how to use all natural Ecuador shamanic purifications.  Get recipes for healthy ways that shamans cleanse the hair, skin and blood.

Chapter #12: Galapagos

Learn how to get there. the rules and regulations. Get full details about tours as well as land and many discounts,

Chapter #13: Amazon

Learn the best places to visit in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Chapter #14: Ecuador Sports: Golfing, Fishing, Horseriding, Surfing, Paragliding, Birding and such.

Chapter #15: Ecuador Shipping & Duty Free Goods

an ecuador-exports

Ecuador Living Club member selling Ecuador products in the USA.

Many full and part time residents in Ecuador export goods to many places globally.  This chapter shares the logistics of exports and shipping rules and regulations.

Expats who obtain resident visas can bring in a container of duty free goods… but under strict regulations.  Learn the rules so you are not charged duty… plus find out the regulations about cars, motorcycles and guns.

Chapter #16: Ecuador Law and Attorneys

Ecuador law differs greatly from the US and Canada as it is based on the Napoleonic legal system rather than  British common law. Find out the importance of the apostle of Documentation… the new Ecuador constitution and regulations about who can own real estate where, when and for how long.  Learn about Ecuador wills, US wills in Ecuador and how to legally avoid Ecuador estate tax as well as the 5% exit tax on money sent out of Ecuador. Obtain a list of English speaking attorneys in Ecuador who many Ecuador Living readers have used.

Chapter #17: Ecuador Doctor, Medications and Dentists

Learn how low medical and dental costs are and get names and address of health care professionals and dentists in Ecuador.

Chapter #18: Pets in Ecuador

Gary and Merri Scott brought their dog to and from Ecuador many times and created an entire chapter on the regulations of pets.   New rules have been introduced that you’ll need to know before bringing cats or dogs to Ecuador.  It is easy when you know the regulations.

Chapter #19: The Ecuador Army
Discover a surprise about this nation’s military unit that is one of the most unique in the world.
Chapter #20: Ecuador Taxes
Surprisingly Ecuador income taxes can be high unless one properly prepares before moving to Ecuador. See why here and learned how to eliminate Ecuador taxes… legally.

We would like to send you a four part introduction to this handbook FREE and without obligation. You can sign up right now and receive the Ecuador Living Handbook review starting immediately. This is absolutely free and with no commitment on your part.

We think, after reading the Ecuador Handbook, you will be in love with Ecuador yourself, but if not you’ll have a clear picture of the country and what we can do for you.

“My wife I just returned from a trip to Ecuador which included an eight day stay at El Meson. We would like to relate just how wonderful the experience was and how well we were treated by the entire staff at the hotel. We have never stayed anywhere and received that kind of treatment. You are to be congratulated for having such a group as this. We were amazed and look forward to another trip in the future.”

The Most Up to Date Ecuador Handbook

The Ecuador Handbook shares the many benefits gained in Ecuador…such as low cost living due to wonderful homes at really low prices. For example a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1,000 square foot house in the charming village of Cotacachi where many Americans, Canadians and Europeans now reside.  It was listed at $69,000 for example. With views from the living room like this…

Mountain view, Ecuador

With gardens like this, and completely furnished!

Stunning gardens and completely furnished provides a continual stream of Ecuador real estate for sale. We look at grand places, small casitas, haciendas, major villas and huge luxury homes in the mountains and on the sea.

Ecuador homes in the mountains and by the sea

Yet we also sniff-out real bargains, beach view houses some for under $100,000, wonderful condos and we report on wonderful beach towns like Bahia which is Ecuador’s first eco city.

Ecuador Coastal Properties

“Your photos may not have captured ALL the joy and feelings of those villagers - but they expressed so much - they were fabulous photos that said a lot and told so much more than just the story. They moved me deeply. Those faces are imprinted in my mind and heart - that is a gift. Thank you.

"We are so eager to come for a visit - and believe that Ecuador will be our next home. My feeling about this is so strong I would almost move without a check it out visit.

"I am so drawn to the place and so eager to know these sweet people. And to find a way to help. We haven't much money. I have never had a lot of money but have always reached out to help those in need with what I do have to give. Mostly of myself, my time.”

-  WK Florida

We also spot fixer-uppers and quaint bungalows in quiet villages at prices so low it’s hard to believe.

The Free Ecuador Handbook

Hi. We'd like to email you a FREE copy of The Ecuador Living Handbook. Simply enter your first name and email address and we'll email it to you straight away.

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Ecuador Handbook

The Ecuador Living Handbook also reveals many business opportunities.

Take for example a line of organic Amazon health products under the “Flora Sana” (Flower Healing) brand we uncovered.

Organic Amazon health products

This line has special interest in the health food supplement field as it based on the Amazonian Dulcamaras plant extract.

This food supplement began when an MD (Oncologist) used it to help his cancer patients. Dulcamaras is not a cancer cure but so enhances the immune system that many patients cure themselves. Dulcamaras is also used to enhance vitality and has anti-viral and anti-aging qualities.

A medical study from the University of Miami Medical School was conducted at University of Miami, Florida.


The study began, “INTRODUCTION: Most cancer drugs are derived from plants and many more are yet to be discovered (1). An orally active, aqueous plant extract (Dulcamaras) was tested for its anti-tumor properties on prostate cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.”

Dulcamaras has the potential to be of assistance in diseases in which the immune system is implicated as a contributing factor. A medical doctor in Ecuador has gathered data which indicates possible value in conditions of over active and under active immune system such as AIDS, Allergic States, Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Hepatitis, and Lupus like diseases.

This particular idea offered a special business opportunity and we immediately let our subscribers know in a hurry because opportunities like this do not last.

“As a retiree who saw her retirement sustain considerable loss due to the economy, I found the information you presented during the three days to be extremely helpful and showed a plausible way for me to have some recovery. Besides all of the relevant information, your emphasis on honesty and the importance of not be deceptive was reassuring.

"The bottom line is, that what gave real value to the information we were receiving and what made us feel comfortable was, that we felt you, Merri and David were people of good character. Something that is very important to us.”

-  JR, MG Florida

There are great shopping, business and export opportunities in Ecuador with a well-established guild system that develops gifted craftspeople.

Shopping, crafts, Ecuador

The opportunities range from basketry to leathers and textiles to jewelry and art, metals and much, much more.

Ecuador art and crafts

You’ll learn why and how to take advantage of this in the 2013 Ecuador Living Handbook.

“After eating all that delicious food I gained 3 lbs but it must be in muscle weight as my pants fit loosely!”
-  RV New Mexico

Tourism in Ecuador

Another great way to earn as you travel or live abroad is through tourism. The FREE introduction we want to email you shows why Ecuador offers a fascinating variety of tour opportunities.

Washington Post’s travel section recently said Ecuador is the fifth fastest growing tourist destination and called it “a friendly one-stop shop for volcanoes, jungles and beaches”.

National Geographic just named Ecuador one of the top ten adventure destinations.

“At age 67 I frequently ask my 11 year old son for advice on the computer!
Until now I had not said much to you and Merri re my trip to Cotacachi last June. I spent 4 nights in Cotacachi and then 5 weeks in Otavalo. I had some of my designs made and sent home. I was very happy with the quality and the relationship with the weavers. I like Ecuador and the Ecuadorians. What you and Merri have said about Ecuador is pretty much right on the money.

"Ecuador is unique in South and Central America. I felt right at home and loved it. I will return some day.

"I thank you and Merri for your information. I would never have made a trip to Ecuador had it not been for your newsletters.”


Here are just two of  many wonderful tour facilities on the coast.

Ecuador coast

There are tour opportunities for horse riding, high mountain lake trout fishing, jungle trekking, the Galapagos, surfing, deep sea fishing, white water rafting, world famed birding, low-cost pain free laser dentistry, elective surgery, low cost pharmaceuticals, shopping, shamanism to name a few.

All of this creates wonderful tourism opportunities that we watch for and update at

Ecuador is a perfect jumping off point for bird watching, mountain horse riding, high mountain trout fishing, shamanism tours, volcanic spa healing tours and low cost laser dentistry.

“A quick word on my Ecuador roses: PERFECTION!!! Thank you again for going the extra mile in fulfilling my order. I gave a dozen each to my mom and sister-in-law last night and they were ecstatic!!!”

May we share the wonder of this beautiful country by sending you the free Ecuador Handbook?

What Ecuador Offers

Ecuador offers perfect weather, low cost living, sweet friendly people, wonderful food, excellent low cost health services, adventure and outdoor life of every sort, rich culture, high speed broad band, low cost travel, easy access to US and Canada, an excellent legal system, low taxation, color, brightness, adventure, and more.

You can learn all about this and stay on top of Ecuador’s evolution of opportunity with

So may we email you free the 2013 Ecuador Living Handbook that shares why we love this wonderful Andean nation?

One last note: The beauty in Ecuador is almost indescribable. So are its mysteries. Here are Merri and Gary Scott with a group at one of the ancient Inca astronomical sacred spots for a shamanic ceremony. We hope you join the more than 30,000 Ecuador Living readers in learning the mystic adventure of Ecuador with its perfect weather and exciting opportunities.

Get an introduction tho this wonderful country right now in the 2013 Ecuador Handbook… free.

Ecuador archeological site

We hope to share the magic, mystery, beauty, friendliness and opportunity in Ecuador with you.

“The international flavor and attitude of the group was very stimulating, particularly when we split up into discussion groups. Those groups, taking walks together, eating such delicious healthy food outside in the fresh air, rooming together, allowed us to get to know each other on a personal level.”
-  BR California

Gary and Merri Scott

Gary and Merri Scott in Quito speaking to over 400 visitors interesting in living and investing in Ecuador

The Free Ecuador Handbook

Hi. We'd like to email you a FREE copy of The Ecuador Living Handbook. Simply enter your first name and email address and we'll email it to you straight away.

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“You are as good as your word which is rare these days. I look forward to attending one of your seminars.”
-  CK Geneva, Banker